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India Funds New Trains Ahead of Safety Improvements, Analysts Say

Railway workers in India on Sunday at the site of a three-train crash.

India Vows Punishment for Those Responsible for Deadly Train Crash

Relatives checking the bodies of victims at a school in Balasore, India, on Sunday.

Huge Crowds Protest Poland’s Governing Conservative Party

Supporters and members of Poland’s opposition parties protested against the government’s policies in Krakow on Sunday.

Hong Kong Remembered June 4 Tiananmen Massacre, Until It Couldn’t

Police officers arresting Sanmu Chan, a performance artist, after he yelled, “Hong Kongers, don’t be afraid! Don’t forget June 4,” in Hong Kong on Saturday, before the anniversary of China’s Tiananmen Square massacre.

Zelensky Signals Next Phase of Ukraine War Will Be Grim

The 95th Air Assault Brigade in a wooded position targeting Russian positions in eastern Ukraine on Friday.

A Pacifist Sect From Russia Is Shaken by War, and Modernity

Members of the Doukhobor community during a prayer service last month in Castlegar, British Columbia.

In Israel, Tough Questions Follow Fatal Attack on the Egyptian Border

Israeli soldiers on Sunday in Rishon LeZion, Israel, carrying the coffin of Lia Ben Nun, a soldier who was killed this weekend in a shootout on the border with Egypt.

China and U.S. Offer Rival Visions for Asia

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III, left, with John Chipman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. During the meeting in Singapore, Mr. Austin argued for a U.S.-led safety net of well-armed partnerships in Asia.

No Shame. No Sorrow. Divorce Means It’s Party Time in Mauritania.

India’s Train Crash: What We Know

In Russian Schools, It’s Recite Your ABC’s and ‘Love Your Army’

Schoolchildren touring the “Victory Museum,” which is dedicated to Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Canadian Military and Inuit Rangers Work to Defend Arctic Territory

Russians in Belgorod Region Start Feeling the Ukraine War

2 Students, Punished for Rainbow Flags, Test China’s L.G.B.T.Q. Space

Karolyn Li and Christine Huang in Beijing. The two Tsinghua University students are fighting the education authorities in China over their right to display rainbow flags on campus.

Nazi Symbols on Ukraine’s Front Lines Highlight Thorny Issues of History

A Russian volunteer fighter for the Ukrainian army, wearing a Galizien patch, which have been adopted as symbols of anti-Russian resistance and national pride, in Southern Ukraine, in 2022.

American Kestrels Are in a Puzzling Decline

A tagged kestrel in Harmony Township, N.J., held by John Smallwood, a biology professor at Montclair State University.

In Search of Iceberg Alley’s Spectacular Show

Guests aboard a tour boat approaching an iceberg near the town of Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Oxford, but Not That Oxford: How a Tiny For-Profit School Suddenly Got Big

The Oxford Business College campus this year in Slough, England.

Amsterdam Train Service Resumes After Disruption

Central Station in Amsterdam last year. Train service to and from the Dutch capital resumed on Monday after cancellations on Sunday.

Jacinda Ardern Is Now a Dame, Recognized for Service to New Zealand

Jacinda Ardern at the United Nations’ European headquarters in Geneva last month.

With Prince Harry to Testify in Hacking Case, Royals Prepare to Cringe

Prince Harry leaving the High Court in London in March. He has turned his campaign against the tabloid press into one of the animating causes of his life.

Kathleen Folbigg Is Pardoned; Australian Official Cites ‘New Evidence’

Kathleen Folbigg in 2019, during the first of two official Australian inquiries into her case.

Most Victims Unidentified as Relatives Struggle to Reach India Train Crash Site

Relatives checking the bodies of victims at a high school in Balasore, India, on Sunday.

The Sun Is Calling

Serbia Protests After Mass Shootings Demand Social Changes

A Look at Some of the Deadliest Rail Crashes in India’s Recent History

The 1981 derailment of a passenger train in the Indian state of Bihar that killed an estimated 750 people is believed to be the deadliest rail accident in the country’s history.

3 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Rare Attack on Egyptian Border

An ambulance drove out of a military base after a deadly shooting in southern Israel, along the Egyptian border on Saturday.

U.S. Warns China on Nuclear Rivalry and Vows to Keep Patrolling Region

Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles on display during a parade in Beijing in 2019.

Modi Arrives at Scene of Deadly Train Crash in Odisha, India

Railway workers used excavators to remove wreckage from the derailment and collision in an effort to bring the tracks back into service.

What Will Be the Theme of Summer?

He’s the Biggest Power Broker in Canada Whom You’ve Never Heard Of

The building across from Parliament that houses the offices of the prime minister and the Privy Council.

Car Bombing in Russian-Occupied Ukraine Shows Reach of War

Members of Ukraine’s 95th Air Assault Brigade fired at Russian positions in eastern Ukraine on Friday.

Vigilante Justice Rises in Haiti and Crime Plummets

Men with machetes, part of a self-defense initiative to keep gangs from gaining control of their neighborhood, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

U.S. Defense Secretary Austin Vows to Keep Pressure on China

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Saturday.

Ukraine Investigates Deaths by Shelter as Russia Evacuates Border Towns

A mourner on Friday paying her respects in Kyiv, Ukraine, for a girl who was killed in a Russian bombardment when she and her mother tried but failed to get inside a bomb shelter.

U.S. Will Try to Bring China Into Arms Control Talks

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, described President Biden’s plans to deal with nuclear threats in a post-Cold War world.

Remains Match Traits of Missing Call Center Workers in Mexico, Officials Say

Forensic experts with several bags of human remains that were extracted from the bottom of a ravine by a helicopter on Wednesday in Zapopan, Jalisco State, Mexico.

India Train Crash: More Than 260 Dead and 900 Injured in Odisha

Blinken Details Russia’s ‘Failures’ in Ukraine and Warns Against Cease-Fires

Antony J. Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state, speaking on Friday at Helsinki’s City Hall in Finland.

Ukrainian Recruits, Wanting to Fight, Train in the U.K. for Counteroffensive

Ukrainian soldiers take part in urban combat exercises at a British Army military base in Northern England on Friday.

Analyzing Shiv’s Decision on ‘Succession’ With a Feminist Text

Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook in the “Succession” series finale.

Ukrainian Shelling in Russia’s Belgorod Region Forces Evacuations

After Mass Shootings in Serbia, Few Want to Give Up Their Guns

A vigil in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, after a deadly school shooting in May. Patchy enforcement of gun laws has left a large number of weapons illegally in private hands.

Senegal Blocks Some Social Media After Ousmane Sonko Is Sentenced

Demonstrators clash with riot policemen at a neighborhood in Dakar, Senegal, on Friday.

The Three Other Trump Investigations

Former President Donald Trump raises his fists to supporters after a rally campaigning for GOP presidential nomination in Manchester, NH on April 27, 2023.

Sparrows Are the Main Suspects in a Bird-Nest Murder

She Lost Her Career, Family and Freedom. She’s Still Fighting to Change Iran.

Narges Mohammadi at her home in Tehran last year during a medical furlough from prison.

As War Persists in Ukraine, Doctors Warn of Rise in Premature Births

Alli Smith, of the Cornell Ornithology Laboratory, offers beginner tips for exploring the wide world of birds.

Indigo Goodson took up birding during the pandemic and now goes everywhere with “binoculars in tow,” she said. “My friends get annoyed.”

Big, Incredible Journeys in an Incredibly Big Country

Your Friday Briefing

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said that his country was “ready to join NATO.”

Russian Missiles Kill 3 in Kyiv, Including Mother and 9-Year-Old Girl

Emergency workers and the mother of a woman killed in an overnight missile strike in Kyiv, Ukraine, stand near the body on Thursday.

Eusebius McKaiser, Acerbic South African Political Analyst, Dies at 44

Eusebius McKaiser traced many of South Africa’s social problems to the apartheid era, and wrote about them for South Africans and a broader Western audience.

With a New, Improved ‘Einstein,’ Puzzlers Settle a Math Problem

U.K. Government Refuses to Give Boris Johnson’s Texts to Covid Inquiry

Boris Johnson, the former British prime minister, leaving home in London in March.